Underwriting real state exchange from October and selecting the special representative from the members of the high council of bourse to tracking the issue of reopening the “KONTORSAAZI” symbol, were the ratifications of the high council of bourse’s meeting.

Tehran, September 2 (SENA) – As SENA reports, Dr. Hassan Qaalibaaf Asl, the Head of SEO stating the mentioned content, and uttered: The high council of bourse investigated the latest circumstances of establishing the real state exchange. It was regulated that the establisher board, formulates the statute and sends it to SEO, so that in a case of final acceptance, the underwriting starts from the upcoming October.

The head of SEO mentioned the subject of reopening the “KONTORSAAZI” symbol in the second ratification of the high council and cited that the final condition of this firm was also reported to the council and it was regulated to speed up the necessary proceedings for reopening the symbol of this company from Tax Affairs Organization, the Central Bank and Social Security Organization.

The secretary of high council of bourse added: In this regard, one of the members of bourse high council was selected as the special representative to track the issue of reopening this symbol as soon as possible alongside SEO.