When opening a company in Iran, as a foreign entrepreneur, you must choose the proper type (from the ones available within the country), offer it a name and, of course, open a corporate bank account. Our experts in company formation in Iran are here to assist with making the correct choices and set up the company in Iran, from the beginning until our clients receive the incorporation certificate.

Necessary documents for opening a bank account in Iran

Most often or as a general rule, the bank will ask for a certified copy of the director’s (or shareholder’s) passport and recent proof of residency within the last three months. If the client goes (in person) to the bank in order to open an account, he or she will not be required to offer the passport certified copy. So, in order to go forward with the company incorporation in Iran, we’ll send the requested files to you and we will help with everything else you might need.

The procedure for opening a company and a bank account in Iran includes verifying the corporate and personal documentation and the completion of the forms which you will receive from us. After the completion of these steps, we will send the full package to the bank, in order to give the final approval. Of course, our experts will monitor the opening process of the account, all the way up to the account allocation and to the receivable banking package.

The required documents are:

–    articles of association,
–    bank statement certifying the deposit,
–    minutes of meeting of the shareholders and directors,
–    written statement affirming the position of the directors,
–    birth certificates and IDs of all shareholders,
–    name of the newspaper in which our clients plan to announce the formation of the company.

The steps to follow in order to open a corporate bank account

Company formation in Iran is something which can easily be done and the company needs to have a corporate bank account. For this to happen, all you need to do is follow a few basic steps, but there is an exception: the holding companies which are created for the sole purpose of holding shares within other companies. Of course, the final decision always remains in the hands of the bank, but we have developed an expertise which allows us to open accounts for most of the companies we register. Thus, opening and managing an account within Iran is simple for us, while offering the proper support for our clients during and after the completion of the paper work.

With our experience we are able to select the banks which are secure and provide great service, not to mention the numerous banking facilities like: credit-cards, e-banking and so on. More so, we study the important characteristics before selecting any bank, like their confidentiality (in order to preserve the privacy of the customers), financial guarantees (to avoid any risk regarding bankruptcy), the reputation of the institution and the range of the financial products which are offered. Let’s get into detail and tell you which banking facilities are available:

•    multi-currency accounts,
•    e-banking,
•    trading in currency, shares and other titles,
•    interest bearing accounts,
•    credit card and debit card,
•    letter of credit.

For following these steps, procuring the necessary documents and anything else an entrepreneur might need, our experts are always here to help. So, do not hesitate to contact us.