TEHRAN, Sep. 2(MNA) – The chairman of the Islamic Culture and Relation Organization and the Russian Deputy Minister of Culture, stressed to expand cultural ties through the re-signing of the cultural agreement between Iran and Russia.

The international webinar of the Second Joint Cultural Committee of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Russian Federation was held on Monday with the participation of Abuzar Ibrahimi Turkmen, Chairman of the Organization of Islamic Culture and Relation (ICRO), and Maxim Ksenzov, the Deputy Minister of Culture of the Russian Federation as well as some cultural and scientific figures and elites via videoconference.

Referring to the issue of the re-signing of the cultural agreement between Iran and Russia, in this meeting, the two sides agreed to continue negotiations in the cultural committee of the 16th round of the Joint Commission on Economic and Trade Cooperation between Iran and the Russian Federation which will be held from September 14 to 18 in the Caucasus.

The other topics discussed in this meeting included the reviewing of the activation of the two countries’ cultural cooperation documents, finalization of six documents in the fields of cultural heritage, handicrafts and tourism, national documents and library, cinematic, cultural, and artistic cooperation of Iran’s Islamic Culture and Relations Organization with the Republic of Tatarstan and Republic of Bashkortostan.